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2-Step Verification/Authentication by InsanityCodes


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Security was an always will be an huge issue when it comes to web applications. Conventional systems use a username and password technique in order to secure their systems. However, with now a day computer speed password are need to be more complex in order to make it more difficult for a hacker to crack it. The more complex the password will be the more users will forget it. Thus, we have the solution for the problem. 2-Step verification giving you more security and less complexity.

How it works

This is a very easy to use 2-Step verification. Here’s how its done.

  1. The user does login with a username and password.
  2. The application checks if the email and username combination is valid.
  3. If the user is granted access a one time password is generated and sent by email to the user
  4. The user enters the one time password and access is granted to the system.
  5. The application will save a cookie that expires in 30 days (or as long as you set it)

You have total control on the system and can choose the length and format of the password generated


Logging –This script has a logging system in the database where you can have extra meta data about the verification code generated

Brute Force – It will detect any brute force attack and deactivate the code.

Documented – A well documented explaining how to integrate this plugin with your current application

Easy to set up – For those who do not know a lot of php. This application have a settings file, where it can be used to customize the script starting from the database connection all the way up to the message of the email that will be sent to the user.


We can customize this script for you and integrate it with your existing script.

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